October 24, 2011

Welcome to the new and improved Autobahn Wheel Shop!

Seems lately a lot of skaters out there are dying to either try Autobahns for the first time, or to find that specific wheel that they can't seem to find at the local shop. Starting today we are offering all of our wheels, direct to the public. From staples like the Nexus Series to the more obscure like the L/E colorways, you'll find all of our wheels in the shop along with all of our softgoods, caps, accessories, and more at great prices. What you see here is in the warehouse, ready to ship.
This new store allows us to have a direct outlet to try new things and offer them to you. Soon we will feature items you can ONLY get through the Autobahn Wheel Shop. These will be found in the "online exclusives" category. Look for small runs of unique colorways of wheels and softgoods to classic designs brought back, among other things.
When you order from Autobahn Wheel Shop you'll get some free things thrown into your shipment. You're always going to get an Autobahn sticker pack but sometimes, you may get a poster, a free tee...you never know! And we can now offer gift cards, something we couldn't do with our old store. Also, worldwide shipping is available.
So take a look around, feel free to ask any questions before buying (info@autobahnwheelco.com) and let us know if there is anything we can do to help make your experience better.
We take pride in our products and we are extremely grateful to be able to share them with other skateboarders around the globe!
Thank you from everyone at The Autobahn Wheel Company.